Every day, there are people online searching for the products or services you offer. At Scorpio Digital, we ensure they find you, not your competitors.

Blending creativity and technology to transform and grow our clients' businesses.

We are a dedicated and nimble team, specialize in lead generation and the crafting of cutting-edge advertising strategies.

Our core mission is to bridge the gap between consumers and providers of products and services, creating high-quality, targeted campaigns that not only resonate but deliver.

With proficiency spanning various industries—including insurance, legal, solar energy, beauty, and home improvement—we are well-equipped to handle the complexities and unique challenges of each.

We hate being average

Our bread and butter is generating high-quality leads and calls that your sales team will love.

With a focus on delivering measurable results, we are the ideal partner for any business looking to improve its profit margin.

We approach every challenge holistically, with best-in-class expertise in data, creativity, media, technology, search, social, AI, and much more.

Less is more

Our Services

Leads & Calls Generation

We specialize in generating high-quality calls and leads across multiple verticals.

Our team of experts uses advanced techniques and tools to identify and engage with potential customers, ensuring that every lead we generate is of the highest quality.

HEALTH INSURANCE | Medicare, Aca, Private Health
LIFE INSURANCE | Final Expense
DEBT | Debt Settlement, CC Debt Relief
HOME | Home Services | Hvac
SOLAR | Solar Installations
LEGAL | Personal Injury | Mass Tort

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation streamlines and enhances your marketing efforts by automating repetitive tasks and delivering personalized experiences to your audience.

From email marketing to sms and more, marketing automation empowers businesses to engage with their customers more effectively and efficiently.

E-commerce businesses can greatly benefit from marketing automation to streamline their sales processes, nurture leads, and enhance customer experiences.
Whether you're managing an online store selling a wide range of products or specializing in a specific niche, marketing automation can help you increase sales, improve customer retention, and drive growth.

With Scorpio Digital's expertise in marketing automation, e-commerce businesses can leverage advanced tools and strategies to scale their operations and achieve their business goals with ease.

Database Reactivation

Database reactivation is a powerful strategy aimed at revitalizing dormant customer databases.

At Scorpio Digital, we specialize in harnessing the potential of your inactive customer base to drive increased revenues and strengthen client relationships.

Our AI-powered technology allows us to breathe new life into your databases, unlocking sales opportunities you didn't know existed.

Database reactivation is ideal for businesses across various industries looking to breathe new life into their customer databases. Whether you're in the health insurance sector, dealing with life insurance policies, managing debt solutions, providing home services, specializing in solar installations, or offering legal assistance, database reactivation can benefit you.

If you have a large database of inactive or disengaged customers, Scorpio Digital's expertise in database reactivation can help you reconnect with these individuals and turn them into valuable leads and customers.

Performance Based Marketing, it's the best option.

A look to a different model

Performance-based marketing is a smart way to handle your online advertising. You only pay when a specific action happens, like generating a lead, making a sale, or getting a click.

This ensures you're investing in real results, making your marketing budget more effective and efficient. It's a clear, results-driven approach that maximizes your ROI.

We use advanced growth-hacking strategies to identify the target audience and implement targeted campaigns, allowing us to generate high-quality leads and maximize results for our clients.

We are not interested in runways and boring presentations; our only obsession is making you grow.

Real-time generated leads and calls

Experience the advantage of real-time leads and calls, ensuring you connect with potential customers instantly.

Exclusive data (we don't double sell)

Benefit from exclusive data that isn't double-sold, giving you a competitive edge.

Only pre-pay for the number of leads/calls you need

Pre-pay only for the leads and calls you actually need, offering you complete budget flexibility.

In-house quality control

Trust our in-house quality control to deliver high-standard leads and calls every time.

No contracts, commitment or retainer fees

Enjoy the freedom of no contracts, commitments, or retainer fees, making it easy to start and stop as needed.

Full control & Real-time feedback

Maintain full control with real-time feedback on your campaigns, allowing for immediate adjustments.

The Founder

Break the mold, leave your mark.

Scorpio Digital is a dynamic performance marketing agency founded by Marco Sabino, a passionate and creative entrepreneur in the digital marketing sector.

With proven experience in lead generation and performance marketing in different verticals, Marco has decided to bring his success and vision in the lead generation space.

We believe in freedom. That's why Scorpio Digital is a fully remote company. We have chosen a better life.

"What truly excites me is breaking the barriers of the ordinary, dancing beyond boundaries, and pushing past the limits imposed by convention. The only pattern I follow is to break the patterns themselves."

Some of our brands

Case Studies + Company Intro

Inside, you'll find an overview of our innovative approach, real screenshots from successful campaigns, and detailed case studies showcasing our proven results. Download now to see how we can transform your business with high-quality lead generation and performance marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is performance-based lead generation?

Performance-based lead generation means you only pay for the leads or calls that are generated, ensuring you invest in tangible results rather than upfront fees.

How does Scorpio Digital ensure the quality of leads?

We utilize advanced targeting strategies and in-house quality control to ensure that every lead generated is high-quality and relevant to your business needs.

What types of industries do you specialize in?

Scorpio Digital specializes in multiple verticals, including healthcare, finance, education, home services, solar installations, and legal services.

Do I need to sign a long-term contract?

No, we don't require long-term contracts, commitments, or retainer fees. You have the flexibility to pay only for the leads or calls you need.

How quickly can I start seeing results?

Our efficient processes ensure that you can start receiving high-quality leads and calls in as little as 24 hours, maximizing your marketing impact swiftly.

Scorpio Digital specializes in generating high-quality leads and calls across various industries. Partner with us for measurable results and tailored solutions for your business.


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